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Magnum Research 1911 Commander .45acp Handgun - De1911c



From the company that brought you the legendary Desert Eagle pistol, comes a take on the classic American pistol that won 2 world wars. The Magnum Research 1911 Commander .45ACP semi-auto handgun is an update on the classic war vintage 1911, starting with a precision cast slide and machined slide from solid billet both finished in matte black. Next on the Magnum Research 1911 Commander .45ACP pistol are features that typically need to be fitted by a gunsmith on a standard 1911. Extended high-ride beavertail safety offers the shooter a high comfortable grip, extended magazine release for easy activation. Extended thumb safety, enlarged ejection port and beveled magazine well are just a few of the other features that round out the Magnum Research 1911 Commander.

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